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NPK 15:30:15
(Starter Fertilizer)

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How Nitrogen affects Plants

Nitrogen plays an important role in photosynthesis and fuels rapid growth. It helps build energy to keep plants growing strong and stimulates vigorous foliage and stems. Plants with sufficient nitrogen reflect a healthy, deep green color. Nitrogen-deficient plants may be stunted and show yellowing, called chlorosis, on the leaves. High nitrogen directs the plant’s energy into vegetative growth instead of flowering and fruit. Applied late in the year, it encourages vulnerable new growth and delays a plant’s entry into winter dormancy.

In a 15-30-15 formulation, relatively low nitrogen supports plant energy and minimizes detriments.

What Phosphorus Promotes

Phosphorus helps plants store the energy that photosynthesis creates. It energizes root growth, which improves a plant’s ability to use nutrients. This role is especially important during developmental stages as young roots form. Phosphorus improves plant strength and resilience, and it stimulates prolific flowers and subsequent fruit and seeds. Phosphorus-deficient plants flower and fruit poorly and show unusually dark green or reddish purple on the leaves.

High-phosphorus fertilizers such as 15-30-15 are often referred to as bloom-enhancers. They target increased flowers and fruit.

How Potassium Impacts Growth

Much of potassium’s impact happens indirectly. This macronutrient regulates and balances factors controlling plant and root growth. These in turn affect disease and drought resistance, size and quality of fruits and vegetables, cold hardiness and general well-being. Potassium deficiencies are often reflected in poor overall plant health. Sometimes, deficiency manifests in bronzing and loss of leaves. Potassium keeps plant functions working properly.

In a 15-30-15 fertilizer, potassium supports the bloom- and fruit-enhancing qualities of the formulation and helps to strengthen roots.

Technical Specifications :


Total Nitrogen : 15% min
Ammoniacal N : 5.3 %
Nitrate N : 0
Urea N : 9.7%
Water Soluble Phosphates (P2O5) : 30.0 % min
Water Soluble Potash (K2O) : 15.0 % min


Boron : 200 ppm
Copper : 100 ppm
Iron : 600 ppm
Manganese : 200 ppm
Molybdenum : 15 ppm
Zinc : 200 ppm

Other Parameters

Solubility : 535 gpl
EC : 0.4 mS/cm
pH : 3.20

Dosage &  Application :

Foliar application : Use 2.0-3.0 g/L of water
Fertigation: Use 1-3 kg/acre


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(Starter Fertilizer)”

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