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About Us

We don’t want to sell products to you, We want you to adapt ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ methods that are :

Good for the Soils,

Good for the People,

Good for the Planet,

Good for You.

We are talking about Farming that’s Good for Everyone…!

We want to change your thinking from searching for a crop plan, asking for growing tips, hunting for that magic product, looking for the next-gen Pesticide to -> focussing on “How to Grow Healthy Food”. We want you to Farm in a way that produces ‘Nutrient Dense Food’, gets those “Forgotten Flavours” back and not just Sustaining in agriculture by getting that targeted yield but Regenerating!

We want you to practice Regenerative Agriculture which regenerates the soil, the land, human health, the environment. This is the only way of giving back to The Earth and leaving something behind for The Future Generations.

Our Goal is to help farmers “Build Living Soils” by :

> Building Soil Organic Matter

> Establishing Soil Microbial Health

> Making Soil and Crops resilient to Pests and Diseases

What we are not ?

> We are not one of the glorified dukaans which have opened up online with funding to lure farmers into buying so that we can get more funding.

> We are not in the rat race of proving our valuation to anyone so that we can sell off this business to the highest bidder and exit with the cash.

> We are not a startup with money to burn and you wont find Discounts and Offers or product tags saying Save 50%, because we keep prices realistic and affordable for all including us.

> Recommending products just to make you buy a product from us is not our style. Sales is a by-product of winning your trust with our advice.

> We are ‘Changing Farmer Lives’ by creating more Profitable, Productive and Sustainable Farming enterprises using Ecological Farming methods and by #SoilHacking.

Here’s what we are…..

> We are manufacturing a wide range of Plant Nutrition and Soil Health Products since 1979 and so truly a “Direct from manufacturer to farmers” platform.

> We have been supplying to various well known Agrochemical brands in India for over 3 decades now who simply repack and retail our products.

> Our products are exported to USA, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka.

> We import products that we don’t manufacture from the best sources that are available globally.

> We take up projects where we convert – Conventional Chemical Land to Regenerative.

Our Commitments to you :

1. Quality : Our products pass through stringent internal quality checks before reaching you and our manufacturing unit is ISO 9008 and ISO140001 certified.

2. Real Price Advantage : With no intermediaries like Traders, C&Fs, Distributors, Dealers or Retailers – we ensure farmers get the “Real” price advantage.

3. Lowering Costs : We provide all farm inputs directly to farmers, bypassing the usual Agri Inputs supply chain. This helps us in delivering a price advantage of 15% – 25% over competition.

4. Sustainability : We strive to increase Profitability and Productivity of every Farm. Our products and services helps to increase farm income as cost of cultivation drops thereby, making farming sustainable for every farmer.

And yes, we ship both retail and bulk across India and beyond.

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