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Jain Gravity DripKit (Terrace Garden)

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Jain Irrigation journey of working with farmers continues with a focus on small farmers. 


Among the small farmers too, majority are without an independent water-source and their land-holding is less than 1 acre. Such tiny holdings are also fragmented & located in more than one place, independent water-source and electricity is also not available to these farmers.


Jain DripKit will address all these constraints and will empower the small farmers with a scientific, durable and simple-to-operate Irrigation System. 


The most modern Micro Irrigation System : Drip Irrigation System which operates on gravity pressure.


Jain DripKit helps to maintain favourable soil moisture conditions to the plants which results in good growth & bumper yields.


Applications of Jain DripKit :

• Mainly suitable for cultivation of vegetables. Can be used for cereals, pulses, cotton and other closely spaced crops.

• Can be used for irrigation in open fields, Green house/ Net house and nurseries.

• Suitable for Kitchen Gardens and also Himalayan / Hilly (Terrains) where land holding is very small.

• Useful as a survival irrigation tool in rained area or water scarcity region or when there is a prolonged gap between rains & / or electricity is not available.


Advantages of Jain DripKit :

• No electricity required, operates on gravity.

• Easy to install – Do it yourself.

• Portable system, can be easily shifted.

• Affordable drip systems for small farmers.

• Ideal for tiny & small farmers.

• All items are supplied in one box – Easy to carry.


In this kit (10 sq. mtr) :

This DripKit is suitable for 60 plants.

1. 2 way adapter for taper O/L drip – 6 nos.

2. Barbed Elbow 16mm – 2 nos.
3. Lateral end stop “8” shape, 16mm – 5 nos.

4. Barbed Goof Plug 2.9mm – 5 nos.

5. Barbed poly joiner 16mm – 2 nos.

6. Threaded Adaptor – 3/4 x 16mm – 1 no.
7. Jain Drip Inline Filter 16mm – 1 no.
8. Tube Hold Stake Clip 16mm – 5 nos.

9. Mini Valve 16mm x 16mm – 1 no.

10. Polytube plastic punching pin – 1 no.

11. Barbed poly tee 16mm (equal) – 5 nos.

12. J-Turbokey Plus Dripper 4 LPH – 15 nos.
13. Labyrinth Statek 4-way Assembly 75cm – 15 nos.

14. Tube OD 16mm CL2 – 20 mtr




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