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Fish Hydrolysate

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Amino FL contains biologically active L-amino acids, secondary and micro-nutrients obtained from fermentation of protein derived from Fish.


Product Specifications :

Appearance : Dark Brown Liquid

Odour : Fishy

pH (5% aq. soln) : 5.0 to 6.0 

Total Organic Nitrogen : > 5.0 %

Total Proteins : > 30 %

Amino Nitrogen : > 1.0%


Benefits of using Amino FL :  

  1. Promotes more flowering
  2. Reduces flower & fruit dropping
  3. Stimulates protein synthesis
  4. Stimulates Photosynthesis
  5. Higher yield of superior quality
  6. Helps in better fruit setting
  7. The best source of Organic N
  8. Good Fungal Food
Dosage & Directions for use :
1. For field crops: Give 2-3 sprays at 500ml/acre in sufficient quantity water during the entire crop life cycle.

2. For fruit trees: Apply 2-3 ml per litre of water during various stages of growth.


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