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1. PolyVine delivers Phosphorous and Potassium in a readily available form to the plant for immediate assimilation.
2. It is systemic in nature.
3. Application of PolyVine induces strengthening of cell wall members and general cell activity.
4. It stimulates the release of phyto-alexins which make plant health and increase tolerance to inclement external stimuli.


1. Appearance : Clear Blue Liquid
2. P Content (as P205 from H3PO3) : > 30.0% w/v
3. K Content (as K20) : > 20.0% w/v
4. Cu Content (as EDTA Cu) : > 1.0 %
5. pH (1% aq. solution) : 5.0 to 6.0

ALL CROPS : Use 1-2 ml/ltr water in Citrus, Coconut, Black Pepper, Cotton, Soybean, Fruits and Vegetable or soil drench @ 10-30 ml per plant in sufficient quantity of water.

GRAPES: Use 500ml/acre PolyVine in Grapes as preventive for Downy Mildew.

Importance of PolyVine :

1. PolyVine is derived from Phosphorous Acid (H3PO3).

2. Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4) should not be confused with Phosphorous Acid (H3PO3). A single letter difference in it the name of compound can make difference in its properties.

3. Phosphorous Acid release the phosphonate ion (HPO3-), also called phosphite, upon disassociation which is the highlight of the product which provides the real performance.

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