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  • PolyCarb Zinc (Zn Ligno)

Lignosulphonate Chelated Zinc is world's best foliar feeding combination for every crop.

Why use PolyCarbs (Natural Chelates) over EDTA, Sulphates, Nitrates, Oxides, Chloride & Amino Acids for foliar feeding your crops ?

1. PolyCarb Series products are metal ions chelated with Low Molecular weight Lignosulphonates (LS).

2. LS are a by-product of the wood pulping process and hence a ‘Natural’ chelating agent used as a nutrient carrier for liquid/foliar fertilizers.

3. PolyCarb Chelates have excellent binding & surfactant properties that 'prolong leaf uptake' & this is a significant factor in 'increasing foliar nutrient efficacy'. 

4. PolyCarb Chelates are '5-8 times more efficient' than sulphates.

5. PolyCarb Chelates are the most widely used foliar chelate in Australia, well ahead of EDTA, amino acid & fulvic acid.

6. PolyCarb Chelates are much 'safer' than sulphates, chlorides & nitrates which have higher photo-toxicity, physical incompatibility issues & reduced longevity. 

7.Use of stronger Chelates like EDTA is not essential for foliar uptake & can actually be counterproductive since synthetic chelates bind nutrients so strongly that they are not easily released in the plant, thus reducing their availability & effectiveness.

1. Physical Form : Clear Brown Liquid
2. pH (1% soln) : 6.0 to 7.0
3. Zinc content : > 10.0 %
4. Heavy Metals : < 0.003%


Foliar : 0.5 to 1.0 ml per litre of water.

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PolyCarb Zinc (Zn Ligno)

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