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  • Aza-One (Azadirachtin)

Aza-One is a Neem Seed Kernel based Emulsion Concentrate containing Azadirachtin 1.0% (10,000ppm).

Neem known in english as “Azadirachta Indica” and “Neemba” in Sanskrit has attracted worldwide attention in the recent years due to its range of medicinal and insecticidal properties.

The divine tree Neem or Azadirachta indica is an omnipotent tree and a sacred gift of nature. It has worldwide medicinal and agricultural applications as a non-toxic alternative to synthetic chemicals for both curing and preventing disease. Along with being known for its herbal medicines and organic pesticides, researches have shown it to possess capabilities of balancing ecological problems like deforestation, soil erosion and global warming.

Neem has more than 140 biologically active compounds which have been demonstrated to exhibit immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory,  antimalarial, antibacterial and antiviral properties

Neem with Azadirachtin as the main technical compound is a broad spectrum insecticide which effects more than 600 species of insects, nematodes and fungi.

Azadirachtin, a chemical compound belonging to the limonoid group, is a secondary metabolite present in neem seeds. It is the main technical compound having antefeedent, ovipositional deterrence repellency, growth disruption, sterility and larvicidal action against insects. Due to all these unique attributes Azadirachtin has turn out to be predominant insecticidal active ingredient in neem trees thereby making Azadirachtin based bio-pesticides as ideal bio-pesticidal agent.

Due to its wide application in Medicine and Organic Farming, United Nations has declared Neem as the

“The Tree of the 21st Century”

Aza-One Formulations are 100% organic and non-toxic for humans and animals alike. They are 100% Bio-degradable as well as safe for the environment. Neem pesticides work as an insect growth regulator, repellent and antifeedant. They affect more than 600 species of insects.  It provides a broad-spectrum pest control for fruits, vegetables and plantation crops, greenhouses, turf, outdoor ornamental and agricultural crops such as sugarcane, paddy, cotton and tea. Neem being unique, insects do not develop resistance to it and at the same time it does not affect non-targeted insects like Honey Bees and Butterflies.

Functionality :

As an insect growth regulator, Aza-One acts as an antagonist by inhibiting the synthesis or metabolism of the insect molting hormone ecdysone. Consequently, by inhibiting the molting process and subsequently metamorphosis, this causes insects to die when transitioning into the next life stage or instar (insect stage between molts) thus disrupting the life cycle of insects, which prevents the production of future generations.

Aza-One is more effective on the immature/ young life stages of insects than eggs or adults. However, azadirachtin is slower-acting than conventional insecticides, which is primarily due to azadirachtin altering or modifying the behavior of insects. Aza-One works as a stomach poison in which insects must ingest the active ingredient during feeding in order to be negatively affected. Activity seems to be better on chewing than sucking insects. This is why Aza-One is most effective against caterpillars.

Aza-One has minimal contact activity against most insect pests and works best at warmer temperatures (>20 deg C) with reduced efficacy at lower temperatures. Aza-One has been shown to have systemic properties with activity against certain insect pests, although this is contingent on plant type and pH of the growing medium, with less systemic activity at a pH greater than 7.0 (alkaline). 

In addition, some studies have reported that foliar applications of Aza-One are effective in suppressing populations of the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae. It is recommended for use against aphids, caterpillars, leafminers, mealybugs, scales, thrips and whiteflies.

Mode of Action :

Anti-feedent, Insect Growth Regulation, Repellent, Ovicidal.

Specifications :

Aza-One is a Neem based biopesticide with a blend of 1% Azadirachtin and Neem oil, providing all the liminoids for an effective insecticidal action.

Dosage :

2 to 3 ml/Ltr by foliar spray. Repeated sprays may be required.

For best results :

- Spray at first sight of insect pest

- Ensure thorough coverage across the field

- Repeat 2 sprays at 7 days interval as it has short residual activity, primarily due to their susceptibility to UV degradation.

- Alternate with chemical pesticide in case of high pest incidence

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Aza-One (Azadirachtin)

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